No, I haven’t miss-spelt the title out of ignorance or carelessness.  What’s here is very much a personal view that is heart felt but which I’d like to share with others who care about our world and what happens to those within it.

The site contains many re-blogs and articles written by others. Wherever possible, I add my own views or background information to put the post into context. Sometimes, I will post the content without personal comment. In most cases, if I haven’t commented it is because I’ve wanted to spread what I’ve considered important content but haven’t had the time to add to it. All material from others is acknowledged and usually is provided by means of a direct link to the original.

If anyone has any concerns with any of the content or considers there to be a breach of copyright, misrepresentation of fact or other error, please notify me immediately in order that I can rectify the situation. I am opposed to the locking up of information but I am also opposed to knowing plagiarism or misrepresentation and will do my very best to ensure that such is not present on the site.

Comments and discussion are welcome and I have no issue with the expression of strong views. My only request in regard to comment is that it be focused on the issue, not the person, and that it be intelligible and civil.

I sincerely hope that you find the material on this site useful and that you acknowledge original authors, organisations or originators of content.

My sole motivation is to contribute to transparency and the building and maintenance of an equitable society and an equitble world.

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