Pornography – Avoid it.

Rape has been with us, it seems, throughout history. Most significantly it has been used as a means of power and subjugation. It is ugly. However, many consider it only a consequence of sexual frustration which, of course, it is not. One wonders why men who have mothers, sisters or other significant females in their lives, will none-the-less choose to sexually abuse another woman. What are the conditioning, circumstances, or contexts that lead men to rape? Doubtless, there is a range of causative factors that allow men to hurt and demean some women whilst protecting others. It seems to be something of a paradox. The linked article explores the connection of pornography with the potential to rape. As pornography is probably one of the most obnoxious ways in which women are objectified, such research seem particularly relevant at a time when sexual assault and rape are on the increase.

I have never been turned on by pornography, unless you can put surreptitious glances at Playboy, as a child, in that category.  I do admire and desire beautiful women but admit that my notion of a beautiful woman is a conditioned one.  I am not so conditioned, however, that I can stand more than a very short time with a woman of only sexual attraction, no matter how beautiful she may be.  Nor will I succumb to any desire to bed her, because I consider that sexual satisfaction can only occur when there is real mutual attraction and interest. That, at least, is the case for me.

Don’t believe it.  That’s your problem.  It’s the truth.

The point is that I find this research interesting and perfectly understandable in terms of the differences between the biological and, apparently, predetermined roles of men and women.  My perspective has always been that men are programmed to inseminate the best females they can find and, by best, that usually means the one that they regard as the most physically attractive.  On the other hand, women seek particular traits in men who they wish to father their children, and these generally have little to do with how handsome a man happens to be.

The research mentioned in the linked article or similar research could well be at the forefront of understanding and tackling rape. That would be a great thing and so I intend to follow it and I also urge others to do so.

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  1. Thank you for your comment, derogatory as it was.

    I write “this stuff” as you so eloquently put it. My name is Roger Hawcroft.

    I apologise for any inconvenience, sense of frustration or perception of an intention to hide, that may have arisen through my articles being attributed to “admin”.

    I am “admin” because I created and own the site. As I am extremely busy, I usually post my articles whilst doing other administrative tasks on the site, thus logged in as “admin” rather than as myself. Hence the attribution. However, that is something I will rectify, given that it has obviously irked you and I don’t write to irritate anyone. I write to raise awareness and rational and reasonable discussion on significant issues.

  2. who writes this stuff? who is ‘admin’ ? I’m completely new here, don’t really know how I got here, somehow via linkedin i think…

    what’s this ‘avoid porno’ followed by something the purport of which is apparently to urge us to research it?

    seems to mainly be just a couple of self centred paras really. belongs in an autobiography.

    as a counterbalance I’d say ‘go for it’ – absorb as much pornography as you can!

    which ain’t as easy to do as you might think.

    In the first place what is pornography, exactly? you’ll have a hard time defining it and you’ll no sooner get there than you’ll find there’s many other definitions out there.

    and then when you start looking at it one of the first reactions is the sexual excitation or titillation component quickly dies away to leave you with simply a detached clinical observation of boringly similar rutting animals…

    and so on…..

    there’s a simple overall base cause for rape: sexual frustration.

    explore that.

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