ABC & censorship of the 4th Estate

It would seem that our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is now openly exerting pressure on the National Broadcaster to see that stories he doesn’t like are withdrawn.

The dislike by the LNP of honest exposure of its misdeeds, poor decision-making, inappropriate actions and policy that effectively disadvantages the average working Australian, the environment, foreign AID, inhumane asylum-seeker policy and such has long been evident.

Equally, its discontent with the national broadcaster, the ABC, for actually informing the public about what goes on, has been evident in continual interference with the ABC by LNP leaders such as John Howard, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull, as well as other senior LNP figures or their supporters.

Indeed, it appears that there has been a continuing denigration of the ABC by LNP politicians at least since the first Howard government and up to the present day.  That we now have an ex Right Wing Commercial Television executive appointed to head the ABC, in Michelle Guthrie and the subsequent drastic restructuring, sackings and ludicrous changing to programming are even more evidence of the results of external pressures and interference with the ABC’s independence and ability to report openly and honestly what it discovers as a result of investigative journalism and in other ways.

So, now Mr Turnbull, has caused a major story by a leading journalist with inpeccable credentials to be withdrawn by ABC management because he complained about it, though ABC management claim it was done for non-compliance with editorial standards – a somewhat ingenuous explanation.  It is also an insult to the professionalim of Emma Albirici, a seasoned journalist who has previously won a Walkley Award for reporting in a similar area.

This inteference with the ABC and the attempts to turn its independent culture into one of right wing support is wholly inappropriate and an attack on our democracy and the right of the people to know what governments do and to have governments kept accountable.

The following link provides an article by Amanda Meade that gives a more detailed account of Malcolm Turnbull’s actions and the ABC’s response.

via ABC removes corporate tax cut analysis after complaints from Malcolm Turnbull | Media | The Guardian

The removed story can also be viewed at the following link:

There is no need for a corporate tax cut.




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