Australia’s Political Malaise Exemplified.

I’m just your generally ‘kept in the dark’ or ‘misled by Murdoch media’ Australian who lives on a ‘below the poverty line’ pension and does the best he can to survive and, at the same time, be active in attempting to help others and increase awareness of the corruption & disinformation spread by many of our politicians and big business executives. So, I can’t speak for the truth of this article. Over the years I have suspected of being less than reliable any publication with a title containing the word “Truth”, so I remain, to some extent sceptical of any story from a publication with the title of “TrueCrimeNewsWeekly”. That being said, what I have read elsewhere alongside what I have observed of Barnaby Joyce’s behaviour and utterances as a parliamentarian over the years, as well as his position within one of, if not the worst, governments in Australian history, does persuade me that this reporting is very likely to be either the full truth or very close to it.

What has been very clear since John Howard was elected and somehow remained in power for a ridiculously obnoxious period, during which he did everything he could to re-establish an elitist and hierarchical structure in our nation, very much modelled on the anachronistic monarchy and ‘nobles’ system still largely extant in the United Kingdom, is that independent thoughtful and critical journalists have been under attack, as also has the public broadcaster. Today, the result of that concerted attack by every conservative government since Howard and sadly, with little opposition from the ALP, is that the public of this nation are constantly misled. Not only is information of significant public interest embargoed, with-held or conveniently said to ‘never have existed’ but far too many of our politicians, particularly those on the right, have continually told outrageous and bare-faced lies. The common strategy of naming an organisation for what it is not, such as ‘Family First’ or ‘One Nation’, has become commonplace as has the use of titles such as the ‘Institute of Public Affairs’ to give an aura of independence and objectivity, rather than that of the very real and dominant partisan agenda’s to which they are committed. Indeed, it is clear that either there was incredible coincidence or the Abbot government clearly followed an IPA agenda, one that to a large degree, Turnbull has continued.

All of this – and much more that I haven’t mentioned, such as the detail of bribes, corrupt dealings, undue influence of some lobbyists, such as the fossil fuel industry, and inconsistent handling of serious issues – cannot do other than make any sensible, rational and reasonably objective citizen conclude that they are being manipulated almost to the extent of the Chinese population in the era of Mao. The only difference is that Mao’s regime made no pretence about what it wanted and was doing, whereas the right-wing of our nation, as represented by LNP politicians and big business CEO’s and the like, paint their policies as though they will be good for ALL Australians. In other words, they LIE. You don’t have to take my word for that. Simply take a look at the distribution of the wealth produced by Australia in 2017, approximately 82% of which went to the wealthiest 1% – 2% of the population. You might also check the figures on wages growth over the last 3 years and note that the wealthiest 1% of the population had an average increase of 13% whereas the majority of Australians had little or none, particularly if increased utility, health care, and other costs are taken into account.

Of course, our nation is no less replete with fools and ignorance than are other nations. The United States, one of, if not the most technically and most scientifically advanced nations in the World, has managed to elect a president who is a demonstrably racist, misogynist, and compulsive liar who is willing to do whatever he believes necessary to nepotistically advance the interests of his family and friends whilst also using his position to advance his own interests. The foolishness and naivety of those who supported this dishonest business cheat who has used foreign workers on rock-bottom wages but insists that all illegal and even many legal immigrants should be deported, and who gives massive tax breaks and concessions to the wealthy and ignores the disadvantaged, seem to believe the publicity machine that says he’s ‘their man’. – Nothing could be further from the truth, just as the notion that the policies of Conservative Party of Australia, the LNP, will benefit all Australians is a complete fiction and all who believe it are delusional.

Australia needs not only a new government but a new electoral system, an updated Constitution, a Bill of Rights, equitable recognition of the owners of this land, the First Australians, and a divorce from the genetically non-British, British Monarchy. We need it now.

via “THE BONKING BEETROOT”: Deputy PM and “homewrecker” Barnaby Joyce allegedly traded sex for favours with powerful Canberra lobbyist – True Crime News Weekly

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