A Glimpse of Israeli – Palestine Reality

If you are a caring and compassionate person, please help the Palestinian resistance to Israeli brutality.
The military incursions and assaults of the IDF are not about defending Israel from any attack. They are attacks by military personnel on unarmed civilians, including women and children.
Not only that, but Israel stands on occupied territory and territory that originally belonged to the Palestinians and was taken from them after the 2nd World War to create the State of Israel.
Supporting the Palesinian resistance is not an encouragement of terror nor is it an attack upon the Israeli general public. Indeed, many Israeli citizens have protested their government’s continued mistreatment of the Palestinians but this is a policy pursued with a vengeance by Netanyahu, who ought to be brought before the International Criminal Court or crimes against humanity.
In the west, you will undoubtedly be misled by most of the mainstream media reporting about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. It inevitably paints the Palestinians as terrorists whilst white-washing the Israelis. There is nothing much further from the truth than this interpretation of the reality.
The Israeli government has ignored UN resolutions and other pressure to cease annexing increasing amounts of Palestinian territory and blockading Palestine so that it is virtually impossible for them to live.
The world community needs to put a stop to the heinous actions of Israel’s leaders and the military forces that they control. It is in Israel’s hands to stop this violence and killing of innocent people. They are supposedly a nation based on religion yet their hawkish leaders have no qualms about using the same type of tactics as the Nazi’s used on the Jews in WWII.
Please help to bring this to an end. Too many people have died already, on both sides, 1000 Palestinians for every Israeli.
Donald Trump, the unhinged and megalomaniac leader of the USA has exacerbated this conflict by declaring that the US will recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is a site where people of different faiths have lived alongside one another for hundreds or even thousands of years. Trump’s actions are simply an insane and unnecessary provocation which, if it does anything, will simply increase the violence and put paid to any likelihood of progress towards a 2 state solution.
Don’t be fooled. If you don’t believe me, then use your own intellect and investigate the facts and the evidence for yourself. You will see that Israel is behaving as a terrorist nation and has been for some time. You will also see that the sycophantic nations following the US, such as the United Kingdom and Australia help to perpetuate the misleading accounts of the situation. They do so because of the amount of money and power of the Jewish lobby in those countries.
In other words, this conflict, for those nations which support and fund the Israeli war machine, is about money and the right-wing retention of power.
For the Palestinians and some israelis, it is about their chance of a safe and decent life for themselves and their children.

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