Christian Fictions

Christmas is an appalling time in the modern western world.  Even leaving aside its fake features and nonsensical mysticism of virgin births, three wise men and angels, it is an abhorrent time.

Today, it has become a greed ridden, materialistic, want-fest made all the worst by its focus on children and a non-existent Santa-Claus.  There is little wonder that our population grows with a materialist ethic and a lack of critical consideration or analysis of the absurd nonsense that is socialised into our children through what we mistake for an education system.

Instead of teaching children to think for themselves, this even teaches them to join the mob and uses temptation and materialistic desire to feed their avarice.

The reality is that there is no conclusive evidence that ‘Jesus’ ever existedd and where it is claimed that there was such a person, the justifications point to a very different account than that believed by most adults and chldren today. Little of it is supported by the Bible, itself a collection of tales by generally unknown authors, selectively put together and edited by those who controlled and manipulated the common people with fire and brimstone stories, didactic sermons, pretensions of clerics to have some special gift of speaking for a mythical god and, on not a few occasions, various levels of physical abuse, even torture, to ‘convert’ people to the ‘right’ belief. – Seems an awful lot like extreme [terror based] regime actions, to me.

Isn’t it time that we began to use our intellects and rid ourselves of mythical nonsense based on convenient stories designed to sell one particular cause or another that, mostly, don’t even exist today.

How can a ‘god of love’ who is supposedly omnipotent being be both loving and yet create the horrors of natural disaster and of human beings that beset our world?  Either this creature is not omnipotent or is malicious.  In reality, this creature just doesn’t exist.

The almost complete lack of substantiation or repetition of religious based inaccuracies  of the opinions of those who commented on the original release of this article are proof enough of the pathetic level of understanding and extent of social programming of their writers.

If we want to pick a day (and 25 December is nowhere recorded as Jesus’s birthday) to celebrate love and compassion and caring, the let us get rid of this material glorification, demonstration of excess gluttony, time of suffering for so many, and complete delusion inflicted on our citizenship.

Instead, let’s have a day when what we do is discuss how we can best alleviate the horrors and pain of so many in this world.  Let us get together and look at alternatives and pick some targets.  Let us then have group or national projects aimed at alleviating the poverty, suffering, displacement, and abuse of so many of the World’s population.

Let’s dispense with the primitive superstition that has become the Church and religions and, instead, take a human responsibility for our failings and the deceit, corruption, brutality, torture, slavery, greed, poverty and other aspects of our world that reflect us as having poor use of our intellects.

Over years we have developed incredible devices and technology.  We have put men and vehicles into space- and brought them back, split the atom, broken the sound barrier, harnessed solar power and so much more.  Yet despite this amazing and bountiful use of our intellects, both collectively and individually, we seem to be content to believe in as simple and delusional way as did primitive humans – and to operate in largely the same way.

Comparing the two domains, that of science and that of human relations, the gaps in progressive change are almost too enormous to contemplate.  While technology and our mastery of it has seen an almost geometrical progression in knowledge and application, our ability to relate humanely, patiently and collaboratively with other human beings is still based far more in superstition than in evidenced reality.  Why is it that we won’t give up these nonsensical stances?

I’m sure that there are many reasons but not least is the continuing preferential treatment and deference given to Churches and ‘so-called’ religious faith – most of which is actually hypocrisy and none of which is valid.  That this still permeates many of our schools, our parliaments and our law courts, is a complete give-away and both insulting and. harmful.  The maintenance and deference given to Christian holidays is yet another large influence on people’s views – after all, these events give them holidays and an opportunity for gluttonous excess.

It is past time for change.  I don’t advocate the destruction of the churches in the manner of Henry VIII, though he is another major culprit in the events that have seen Christianity promoted as a national relgion.  I do, however see a real need to *reduce* the power and influence of the Church, exposure of its nonsense and fables, and exclusion from automatic right to perform civil duties such as granting the legal civil aspects of marriage to a couple, when only the religious symbolism should be their field of purview.

Christmas?  A fiction.  A moral and ethical event of dubious positive value.  An encouragement of greed, envy, one-upmanship, sorrow, loneliness, guilt, materialism, and so much more.  It’s time we gave it away.

via What history really tells us about Jesus’ birth – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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