Eloquent and articulate. Noel Pearson offers a heartfelt glimpse into the hypocrisy, cowardice and deception brought by the political right and its leaders to a valid recognition of the First Australians. Within the eloquence that describes the struggle, there is an almost palpable pathos underscoring the betrayal that so many First Australians must feel both as individuals and as a collective.

For me, this essay underlines what I have long felt: that a major flaw of our political system and, indeed, our culture is its polarity and adversarial nature. Bipartisanship seems only acceptable to left and right when it supports what favours or enriches privilege and further entrenches inequity and inequality. How sad it is that this is the case and what a scathing indictment on the lack of maturity of our political system and the manner in which the majority of our elected ‘representatives’ commonly use it.

It is long past time this nation became of age. It will not do so until it sincerely and accurately acknowledges its history and invaders and immigrants and their descendants become honest enough and courageous enough to genuinely walk hand in hand with First Australians whose land we have stolen and whose heritage can inform our thinking and assist us to value joint cultural wisdom and how it can benefit all people of this nation.

via Betrayal: The Turnbull government has burned the bridge of bipartisanship | The Monthly

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