The Right to Die.

If we have a right to live, we have a right to die. Voluntary euthanasia should be available to all, at any time, and at any age after majority. The legality that allows psychiatrists to involuntarily commit those that they feel have potential suicidal intention should be removed. Where someone displays a potential intention to harm others. – fine, I have no problem with some temporary detention for investigation and treatment. However, suicide is a personal matter and there is no way that a person who potentially intends to commit suicide should be deprive of their liberty on that basis. It effectively treats psychiatrists as gods – and it also puts an onus on other professions, such as doctors, psychologists, counsellors to fulfill mandatory referral where they suspect someone is suicidal. This is wrong and an infringement of civil liberty. The law needs to be changed.

via Fact check: Has assisted dying been a legal slippery slope overseas? – Fact Check – ABC News

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