Do men only want to get into your pants?

I know that many will react to this in a very negative way but I’d ask that they give it some thought. That men “just want to get in your pants” or “only think about one thing” are as much stereotypes as that “women are illogical” or “women can’t play rugby”.

For many obvious and often extremely valid reasons, the last few decades have been dominated in gender conversations by the fight against women’s subjugation or abuse or by those of the plurality of gender. I’m glad that such has and is happening.

However, it’s not a myth that many men are confused, unhappy, bewildered, feeling false guilt, attempting to be what they’re not, etc… No, I’m not saying that rape or sexuall abuse should be condoned. What I am saying is that there is much sexual abuse of men that is not even acknowledged and much of it is as mental or emotional as it is physical.

Sadly, it is rarely discussed. Yet, in my view, it is partly responsible for some of the negative action that some men take towards women.

Yes, I agree that in a general sense, women have been subject for aeons to a patriarchal regime that has denied their voice and intellect all too often – and worse. At the same time, women have always actually held the reins of power, as is reflected in the saying that “behind every great man, there is a woman”, not to mention the many historical examples of strong, intelligent and mighty achievers that women have been.

I think that, today, many men are completely at a loss as to what their role is supposed to be and how to comport themselves. I don’t think anyone is to blame, just that perhaps we need to think a little further outside the square and that we haven’t done so because the focus has ( probably very rightly) been on the wrongs women have suffered. Perhaps it would be useful to consider the wider picture.

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