Oh, how our politicians must love the new media laws and the control of our mainstream media by a couple of financial giants set to increase further.

Already we have seen the drastic effects that poor or controlled journalism can achieve.  One only has to consider the election of Donald Trump, the vote for Brexit or the return of the Abbott/Turnbull two-headed coin government.

It’s ironic that Trump seems to be the one who coined the phrase “Fake News” [I may be wrong about that] for he certainly produces much of it  and his Tweets are beyond the pale. –  A president?  A pathetic, egocentric, self-deceptional megalomaniac who, unless we are extremely fortunate, will anger someone similar heading a fraudulent dictatorship to drag us into a 3rd World War.

The bizarre and irrational desperation of those wanting to convince us that climate change isn’t happening, that fossil fuels remain essential, that it is investment in renewables that is driving up energy costs and that nations such as China and India are the major culprits in regard to carbon emissions, has reached a level for which “Fake News” seems an exceedingly generous description.

The latest round of reports, distortions of fact, deliberate exclusion of scientific consensus on evidence and the continuing use of self-commissioned reviews structured such that particular recommendations are virtually inevitable – these are more accurately described as *Deliberate Deception”, “Corrupted Communication”, “Factual Fraud” or, at best, “Public Leg Pulling”.

Thankfully, we do have an honest and independent media, albeit an under-funded, constantly harassed, misrepresented and falsly characterised one, but an independent media, none-the-less.

I urge anyone who is interested in our national future and that of the planet and all nations upon it, to avail yourself of serious, truthful and objective reporting in publications such as The Guardian, New Matilda, Australian Independent Media Network, Crikey, The New York Times, The Washington Post.  There are too many other good sources to mention them all here but I’d strongly advise you to hunt them out but being careful that they are not plants such as is the US Truth Network.

The ABC, The BBC and SBS are all quality news outlets that employ many excellent journalists.  Unfortunately, they can be pushed and pulled by governments through funding blackmail, political criticism and the deluded populist opinions from generally ignorant citizens who have been deluded by either false and biased reporting or entrenched ideology.  So, whilst they still provide some of the best journalism, they have also lost many good reporters  and with ex-commercial world executives appointed to head them, their programming and ability to provide in-depth and incisive reporting is under constant attack.

Ideally, go beyond the news outlets, yourself.  Where you can, look for meta-analyses of research studies, articles by noted balanced and objective commentators who are not beholden to big business, pharmaceutical giants, mining giants, large developers, private medical institutions and so on.  Where you can, establish that your sources are truly independent, not only in ownership but in the remit given to their journalists to report the truth in an open and accurate way, without fear of favour.

Only a truly educated, thinking, resourceful, principled and selflessly collaborative populace will prevent our nations and our world from going down the toilet.  Think about it.

via The world is going slow on coal, but misinformation is distorting the facts | Environment | The Guardian

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