Garma: In 2017, the struggle for Indigenous Australians

A commentator who tells it straight and fairly. Stan Grant is one of the rarest of commentators and broadcasters in that he tells it as it is and without malice, favouritism, ideological bias or innuendo. If you want to understand the current situation, history, and issues relating to the First Australians, look out for commentary by Stan Grant. You will rarely, if ever, find another who surpasses his intelligent, accurate and perceptive – non-adversarial explanation, suggestion and reporting. Would that we had more such as he in our media.

Below is just one piece of his work.  He also presents a regular program on Australian ABC television and regularly comments on Australian affairs, in particular those to do with achieving equity and appropriate understanding and status of the First Australians in our society.

via Garma: In 2017, the struggle for Indigenous Australians to be seen and heard continues, Stan Grant writes – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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