Australian Parliamentary Eligibility Farce

Australian Parliamentary Eligibility would appear to be available to NO Australian. How bizarre? However, it seems that because of the wording of Section 44 of the Constitution [ ] which deals with disqualification, becoming ineligible can depend on the laws of other nations. As it stands, the laws of New Zealand effectively make all Australians ineligible to hold office in either the upper or lower houses of the Federal Parliament.

Never mind the squabbles about how the Greens did the right thing and stood down from parliament, while the LNP, as usual, did the wrong thing and maintained their seats, even in the case of Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Ministership.  Never mind all of that, the reality is that no Australian is currently eligible to hold a seat in the Federal Parliament.

Incredibly,  we are a nation whose citizens are not eligible to represent them.  All of our parliamentarians are in breach of Section 44 of our Constitution.

“Curiouser and curioser”, said Alice.

So folks, how do we get out of this latest national debacle?

via Section 44 Of The Constitution Means NOBODY Is Eligible To Be Elected To Parliament

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