Thinking Our Way Forward

We need this sort of thinking in our political parties.  Mostly, at present, our representatives [not] are self-serving and/or manipulees of others, of poor intellect, devoid of ethical or other than fake moral character, often even corrupt, rarely rational, ignorant or dismissive of even the most significant evidence, lacking in compassion, and totally acculturated to a materialistic and capitalist, top-down society.  There are, of course, a few exceptions but they are rare, indeed.  Certainly, there don’t appear to be any of the ilk of Don Dunstan, Gough Whitlam, or Paul Keating.  Perhaps a handful of Members of State & Federal Parliamentary Members from the Greens and the ALP, mostly women, are the few that consistently demonstrate rationality, compassion, honesty, equity, and real *service* to the State/Nation, on behalf of all people with platforms and programs that show vision and regard for future generations as well as current constraints and contexts.  Unless we can produce more like them, Australia will continue its slide into populist shackles, increasing loss of civil liberties and human rights, and degeneration from shaky democracy into oligarchy, autocracy or a police state.

via Big Thinkers Positive About Social Innovation | PBA

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