Tax fraud at the top

No surprise if the charges stick. I’m just surprised that most people don’t yet understand that corruption and fraud are predominantly to be found among those in senior positions. Not only that but it seems that the more senior, the more corrupt. Right across society, those who are most readily regarded as “respectable” and “upstanding” citizens are usually the most hypocritical and parsimonious among us. High office is rarely achieved on merit. It is far more likely to be achieved through nepotism, acting-up becoming permanent, or ruthless concentration on self-promotion as opposed to doing the job. Then, of course, there are our politicians for whom there are no selection criteria at all but who gain access to indecently large salaries and allowances and, even worse, a level of influence completely out of proportion with their worth or capability.

Is it really any wonder that our society is in such an appalling state and that so many are left behind, unthought of, uncared for, demeaned and detrimented and unable to maintain health, housing, or a life-style consistent with the wealth of our nation?

Until humanity comes back into focus and people are placed before profit, things will continue to deteriorate. The corrupt and wealthy will take a larger and larger slice of a smaller and smaller cake. However, we’ll probably never see the final result of that because the greed of big business and its shareholders is preventing real action on climate change such that it is unlikely that the planet will be habitable by the end of the millenium. Perhaps that will be the justice that the human race deserves for its manifest preference for selfishness over sharing and rejection over caring.


via ATO Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston to be charged over tax fraud

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