The World’s top criminals, psychopaths and megalomaniacs of 2016

I can’t say it any better than has Sarah Gill.  This piece should ignite the ire of every caring, compassionate, clear-thinking, knowledgeable and intelligent

This piece should ignite the ire of every caring, compassionate, clear-thinking, knowledgeable and intelligent person on this planet.

Over the last day or two, I’ve been reading woeful commentary and postings which express deep concern for Queen Elizabeth II having a cold. The concern is that, at 90 years old, this might herald the proximity of her death. – Oh Dear.  90 years of life in luxury and acting as the figurehead for an outmoded and anachronistic absurdity of a system of privilege, title, and wealth based on ancestry – and she not even of Anglo-Saxon heritage.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of hysterical regret, concern & even prayers for one of the most privileged women on the planet.  Concern about the possible death of just one person.

Alongside these pathetic offerings, I’ve read of civilians gunned down by ideologically driven madmen, of children starving and dying in their thousands every day, of thousands of women dying each week in childbirth owing to lack of basic hygiene, drugs & medical care.  Something approaching two-thirds of Syrians have left their homes and country and risked enormous adversity in order to escape conflict created by madmen in which and of which, they had no part, save as victims.

We appear to have reached a point at which, far from reacting with disgust and a determination to halt the abomination of such as Hitler and Mussolini, or to stand against monstrous dictators such as Stalin, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot, Assad, and to come together in an attempt to build a just and fair society across nations; we now applaud such “strength”, accept their lies and propaganda as “policy” and echo amongst ourselves, their bigoted, racist and sexist comments, their decisions to wage war on civilian populations, and their deceitful promises that they “protect and care for their people”.

In fact, the mass of misled, deluded, misinformed, uneducated, and selfish supporters of this current crop of “leaders” are the very people for whom those “leaders” have no regard and will readily sacrifice when it suits their own interests to stay in power, ensure dominance of their ideology, or line their pockets.

We have reached the stage where CORRUPTION is o.k.  Where politicians collude with corporations to feather their own nests and care not what are the implications for the people, for the environment, for wildlife and other species, or indeed, for the future of the planet.

So folks, in 2017, is this what we want?




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