27 Things To Give A S**t About In 2017

APATHY is tacit consent.  We need to CARE & ACT, not just for ourselves but for others.  In fact, to put others first is the way to ethical and moral behaviour and to build yourself.

There are many people who stand up and speak out.  Often they are derided as “patsy’s” or “bunnies” – stupid for sticking their heads above the parapet.  They are effectively derided for taking action against injustice and inequity when others will not.  Even psychologists will, essentially, scold them for having brought it upon themselves when they are targetted, demeaned or penalised for their actions.  The fate of many whistle-blowers is evidence of this sort of response.

In reality, it is these exceptional people, who take risks on behalf of others and for the welfare of all, who protect what freedoms we have and who are the last level of defense when all is falling apart.  We need more of these “bunnies”, not less.   We need to support them, at least, if we don’t have it in us to speak out, ourselves.

We are at a point in history when things are falling apart at a rapid rate.  There are too many examples to list but “Trump”, “Putin”, “Assad”, “Domestic violence”, “Rape”, “Environmental vandalism”, “Animal cruelty”, “Corruption in politics and business”, “Relgious and cultural intolerance”, and “Gender discrimination” are just a few issues that spring to mind.

No, in all probabilty no one person can fix it all.  Change happens through collective action.  Change comes about through disturbance to the status quo and, as such, will be strongly derided by traditionalists and reactionaries.

Standing out in front is not a pleasant place to be and it is dangerous but someone has to do it.  The more people that speak out and stand up front, the harder it is for them to be put down, for just as the lion tamer uses a chair because the lion then can’t decide which leg to bite, so the users & abusers  who cause poverty, suffering, pain and inequity in our society will find it harder to identify a target.

So, well done Emma Gray and the Huffington Post for this article advocating that we SHOULD CARE and praise to all those out there who DO CARE and who TAKE ACTION, no matter how small it may seem.  When all those small actions are put together we have a movement with strength and momentum that WILL BRING ABOUT CHANGE for the better.




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