Socially Manufactured Hate

Small minded, insular and ignorant people will probably always exist. Certainly, their numbers will not decrease unless and until we are led by honest, caring and selfless leaders who model integrity and explain the opportunity offered by differences in cultural traits and mores.

We also need to recognise that schooling is *not* education and that the “3 r’s”, whilst providing a functional basis for life, do little to instil a moral and ethical one.

Our school system has more to do with socialisation than with education and that needs to change. Civics, philosophy, critical evaluation and the ability to relate issues to context and actions to consequences need to be at the centre of any curriculum that aims to develop well-balanced, informed and rational citizens who are able to think about, reason with, and act upon evidence, reality and context.

Our society and many within it have a myopic or blurred vision and an unhealthy and hedonistic view of what provides the best opportunity for creating a healthy world in which every person can live with choices, dignity and freedom, as well as the understanding to exercise the responsibility that goes with those benefits.


Around sunset, in the backyard of a house in a small Ohio town, a group of men set fire to a wooden swastika they’d built.

Source: Jorge Ramos: Hate Rising

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