They shoot horses don’t they?

I am totally depressed at the depth of world poverty and, even worse, the lack of compassion and caring shown by so many who have so much.

I detest our materialistic, consumer orientated, profit before people society.

I am disgusted by the unethical and immoral behaviour of so many of our politicians, including those at senior levels.

I am horrified by the hatred and aggression levelled at those in society who are in some way different from the “norm”

I am appalled at the continuing funding and support for an “education” system which is actually about socialisation, perpetuating inequity, promoting wealth and cow-towing to industry and commercialism.

I am demeaned and diminished by a mass media that pumps out prejudiced, biased, uninformed and misleading polemic on a daily basis and insults my intelligence by, apparently, expecting that I will swallow it.

I am frustrated by misandthrists who ignore, distort, and misrepresent realities and who discount the lives, wishes and constraints on women who *choose* to take care of their own children rather than entrust them to strangers.

I am disappointed by the culture of blame that ignores real examination of the causes of calamity, disaster, or mistake and simply jumps to point the finger.

I am deprived of effective participation by an electoral system that is NOT representative, that has no selection criteria save mob sentiment and that serves itself first and the public second (if at all).

I am sickened by the lack of compassion, caring or comfort shown to those most in need and who, so often, have already suffered more than any human being or living being should ever have to endure.

I am worried by the inadequate response to climate change by governments, by their empty rhetoric and false figures, and by the nonsense from deniers – all of which, if allowed to win the day, will sentence my children and grandchildren to a horrifically different world and the World to extinction within a relatively short term.

I am totally depressed with my inability to do anything significant about any of this owing to the general population either being dumbed down, being too selfish to care, or too poor, underprivileged or disadvantaged to have room to do more than attempt to stay alive.

I no longer want to be a part of this. Want someone to kill? I am too cowardly for suicide but have a target on my back. If you really must join the sociopaths and stupidly aggressive, selfish and self-gratifying morons who cannot see past their own gratification – shoot me and spare someone who still sees some point and satisfaction in living in a beautiful world that human beings are defiling, day by day.

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