ABBOTT & CO. ON THE ATTACK – Paramilitary Border force to have thousands of weapons-ready officers

FORCE Tony Abbott & his wealth backed LNP Government have made yet another move against democracy and civil liberties with the formation of the new “Border Force.”

A stealthily conceived amalgamation of Customs and Immigration departments, this new paramilitary force will introduce around 5000 to 6000 armed officers with widely increased powers.

This is a continuation of what has been a steadily continuing campaign of the Abbott government to restrict civil liberties, freedom of expression and freedom of movement, that has stripped many protections from the ordinary citizen.

The Abbott government has, in just a couple of years:
* attacked the environment by approving damaging mining ventures and seeking to have the Great Barrier Reef de-listed by the United Nations; * attacked the renewables industry by reducing funding and directing the Clean Energy Commission not to invest in Wind or Solar power;
* attacked the United Nations to cover up its failure to adhere to Australia’s obligations under international covenants in relation to refugees;
* attacked the worker’s collective representatives, the Trade Unions with a blatantly biased sham of a Royal Commission;
* attacked the safety of individual Australians by granting extreme powers to security services, even to low ranking officers, without warrant to enter, detain, question and hold people purely on suspicion of intent to hypothetically commit an act in the future;
* attacked those who dare to critically evaluate Abbott government policies and express any criticism of them by introducing laws that can lead to the imprisonment of journalists or whistle-blowers;
* attacked the disadvantaged by first attempting to introduce new charges for health services & then, after failing to do so, changing numerous regulations and conditions behind the scenes so that they now collect more than they would have under the so-called “co-payment” scheme;
* attacked the Arts in Australia by removing the conrol of Arts funding from representatives of the Arts and putting it in the hands of the Minister, alone;
* attacked education by refusing to commit to the Gonski school reforms and by seeking to effectively privatise higher education;
* attacked “our ABC” by severely reducing its budget and constantly criticising its broadcasting even to the point of pressuring it to change internal structures & boycotting at least one of its programs;
* attacked human rights by demonising and severely mistreating asylum seekers and locking them in off-shore prisons where they are subject to psychological,physical and sexual abuse;
* attacked the economic well-being of the nation by wasting hundreds of million or even billion dollars of public funds on bad policy, eg. $450,000 per asylum-seeker per year for offshore detention, $50,000 to re-settle 4 (yes, four) asylum-seekers in Cambodia; subsidising big business to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars; allowing the most wealthy to pay around 0 – 10% effective tax whilst the average worker pays around 30% … and etc.
* attacked public well-being, business confidence and Australia’s standing in the international community through all of the above and other irrational, indecent and immoral policies.

There has been so much perfidy perpetrated by this government that I can’t keep up with it all. What I have listed are just those actions that stand out in my mind. I’m sure that you can add those I’ve missed.

Have no doubt, it is not an accident that this new department of customs and immigration is called a Border FORCE. It is a direct reflection of the Abbott government’s attitude to governance – one of threats, fear-mongering, manipulation, restriction of liberty and direct assault on the rights of ordinary people, particularly those in disadvantage.

The Abbott government, backed by the wealthy, is waging a CLASS WAR on the workers of this nation – yes, even those who are deluded enough to believe they are middle-class. This is a neo-liberalist assault on the people of our nation such has not been seen since that of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s.

The Abbott government is waging war, not just in Iraq and Syria, but on Australian citizens here at home.

Source: inkl | Sydney Morning Herald: Border force to have thousands of weapons-ready officers

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  1. Oh that is some list 🙁

    I have been the same for a long time. It seems that every Minister in this current Government has been wound up & set off to actually destroy whatever portfolio they are in. Much to our detriment of course.

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