Immigration Warned Staff Not To Give Evidence To Children In Detention Inquiry

Every Australian should be extremely concerned at the opacity of the Abbott LNP Federal Government.  There can be no true democracy when the day to day policies and actions of a government are no longer open to scrutiny.  The report below is just another of many instances of the Abbott  government either deliberately providing misleading information to the Australian public or refusing to provide any information at all.

Since election, this government, which Abbott promised would be transparent and govern for all Australians, has operated in exactly the opposite way.  It has reduced the frequency or even curtailed previously regular press briefings in several areas.  It has refused to reveal details of the manner in which refugees have been housed and treated both at sea and in detention centres.  It has held a stick to the heads of journalists working for government funded media and even engineered the sacking of journalists from our public broadcaster for nothing other than voicing their personal views in their own time.  The arrogance of this government and its determination to deny the truth to citizens has even extended to its refusal to allow a Senator entry to a detention centre on Manus Island in PNG and most recently, even spying on that same senator during her visit to Nauru.

Australia is losing its democracy.  In fact, it is probably fair to see that it has already lost it and is now an oligarchy.  If Abbott and his colleagues are allowed to continue their deception and misleading of the Australian public then this country will soon be no better than a developing world dictatorship, rather than the modern and open democracy on which it has prided itself in the past.

The duplicity cannot be allowed to continue.  Lies have become common-place dialogue from this government, not least because the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has set lying as the model for his ministers and without doubt caused pressure to be put on department heads and staff to be silent or risk their jobs.

Every citizen who cares for Australia and wishes it to be an open and honest society which really does value “a fair go”, needs to stand up, speak out and oppose the damage that this appalling Abott government is doing to our democracy.  This is not about Party Politics, this is about the very nature of our system of government and the way in which our national agenda is managed by those who are elected to act on our behalf.  I refuse to believe that more than a foolish or selfish minority of Australians want their country to become the mean, dishonest, selfish, uncaring and materialism before people society that can be the only result of the present government’s policies and attitudes.  Those values are not consistent with what Australia has stood for in the World nor those for which our service men and women have given their lives.  In this Anzac centenary year, of all years, it is an abhorrence that the liberty, freedoms and ideals for which the Anzacs died should now be so perverted by the right wing, elitist and wealth orientated ideology of Abbott and the LNP.  If those men and women could see how their sacrifice has been defiled there would be a scream of distress at the destruction of all they held dear about their nation.

The Department of Immigration directed staff working in the Nauru immigration detention centre not to make submissions to a Human Rights Commission inquiry, a senate committee has heard. Dr Peter Young, who formerly served as the director of mental health services at detention health contractor International Health Medical Services (IHMS), told the Senate it was made clear to staff working in immigration detention they should not speak out about what they were seeing.

Source: Immigration Warned Staff Not To Give Evidence To Children In Detention Inquiry |

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