Jordan Rice died in the QLD floods. His bravery was inspiring.

Roger Hawcroft

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Sign the petition, retweet the message, use the hashtag #hhonourjordon and make our apology for a Prime Minister do something right for once.Jordan Rice died in the QLD floods. His bravery was inspiring..
Governors General, politicians, sports-people, and a whole host of other people who may or may not have sacrificed anything and, even when they have, probably did so largely for themselves – they get honours & applause heaped on them.For instance, GG’s get a knighthood now, just for being titular heads and living like parasites off the public purse whilst simply perpetuating an anachronistic system of privilege and elitism.

This young boy sacrificed himself for love of his brother.  Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott said that he deserved a posthumous award.  Unfortunately, Tony Abbott being a compulsive liar and apparently having no conscience, compassion or recognition of true values, has now reneged on his word.  Well that’s nothing new – we are used to it from him, inveterate liar and moronic thinker that he is.  However this  failure to give comfort to this boy’s family by recognising his bravery medal that would cost sweet fuck all in the scheme of things – probably a small fraction of the bill we get for just one of Abbott’s frequent private flights from Canberra to Sydney and back as he emulates John Howard’s refusal to live in the Prime Minister’s residence.  Even worse he seems to have copied John Howard’s parsimony.  Indeed, he ought to be kicked out of office and buried somewhere for he’s a complete and utter disgrace to his prosition and to Australia.

So, I urge, you make Tony Abbott do at least one right thing – you never know, it might even give him a slim chance of getting past St Peter when he dies.

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